Rachael Taylor | News Editor


Citizens discuss Auburn High parking issues

Some problems with Auburn High School parking will have to wait to be addressed until after summer. The Auburn City Council voted Tuesday, May 19, it will not request the Attorney General’s opinion on “residents only” parking on public streets.

Portion of Donahue Drive to be widened this summer

The construction at the Toomer’s Corner intersection may not be the only road construction taking place in Auburn this summer. Plans are in the works for Donahue Drive to be widened from Cary Drive to Bedell Avenue. According to Brian Wood, project manager and civil engineer with the City of Auburn, the goal of the project is to widen Donahue to three lanes and to add turn lanes to Spencer Avenue and Cary Drive. There will be sidewalks added as well. The widening was designed to address traffic and congestion issues in the area. The project will be bid this summer.

The trend that is “popping” up everywhere

It was frozen yogurt, the cupcake and now it is the ice pop. Throughout the past few years, ice pop shops have been popping up, with many people racing to get the chilly treat. These aren’t the ice pops you grew up with; many ice pop shops sell ice pops that contain all natural, or sometimes even local ingredients. Two of the well-known ice pop shops of the Southeast are actually located in Auburn and Opelika, and they are Steel City Pops and the Pop Factory at the Overall Company.

​Jason Dufner brings 5K to Auburn

On March 20, the Auburn community gathered to support The Jason Dufner Foundation with a 5K that toke place at the Red Barn. Dufner graduated from Auburn in 2000.

Parkway Farmer’s Market moves to bigger location in Opelika

Students and residents of the Auburn-Opelika area will be getting a bigger farmer’s market soon. The Parkway Farmer’s market, currently on Pepperell Parkway has acquired land on the 2300 block of First Avenue in Opelika. According to Marty Ogren, assistant director of planning for the City of Opelika, the new land is 13,000 square feet and rests on three and a half acres. He said they are closing on the property soon.