Spring 2019 Editorial Board


EDITORIAL | Act now to prevent further gentrification

The Auburn City Council was given an opportunity to prevent this encroachment of student houses into historically single-family neighborhoods but instead chose to table a vote on an ordinance pertaining to ADDUs, thereby prolonging gentrification. 

EDITORIAL | Blackface: It was racist then, and it’s racist now

Remnants of our violent, racist past linger with us today. They are not gone. The racism of today is generally more subtle. It is words spoken behind closed doors, sentences prefaced with, “I have a black friend” or “I am not racist, but,” and through empty apologies and denial.  

EDITORIAL | HBCUs deserve adequate funding

Black History Month is a time to recognize the importance of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, their imperative role in the state of Alabama and the importance of ensuring they are well funded. 

EDITORIAL | Students deserve timely AU Alerts

Auburn University’s Campus Safety and Security office did not send an AU Alert or a public safety notice after the police chased Mitchell Lee Stewart across campus, alarming students. This silence opened the door for rumors to swirl around campus and persist with fervor until the campus safety office finally made a statement, via an email hours later, insisting that there was no threat on campus.