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The ins and outs of scholarships

Each spring, the Auburn University Office of University Scholarships awards scholarships to incoming freshmen for the next school year and general scholarships for current enrolled students. Velda Rooker, director of University scholarships, said there are three levels of Spirit of Auburn Scholarships awarded to incoming freshmen. The first is the SOA Presidential Scholarship, which covers tuition for four years and gives a $1,000 technology stipend for the fall, requires a minimum 32 ACT and 3.5 GPA. The second is the Spirit of Auburn Founders Scholarship requires a minimum 30 ACT and 3.5 GPA and covers tuition for four years. The third is Spirit of Auburn Scholarship requires a minimum 28 ACT, 3.5 GPA and provides $3,000 for four years, according to Rooker.

University innovators turn into entrepreneurs

Benjamin Gustafson, Auburn University senior in software engineering, and Tyler Smith, University of South Carolina senior in computer science, started a software program that helps educators nationwide make classroom observation more efficient, according to Gustafson.

OPINION: We need a weekend transit system

It’s Saturday morning, and I couldn’t be happier that the weekend is finally here. I would love to go visit my friend who lives off campus for maybe a movie day, catch up on how our weeks went, laugh a little about our awkward college experiences, but wait.

Aasif Mandvi comes to Auburn

UPC hosted Aasif Mandvi, well-known correspondent for “The Daily Show,” at the Foy Auditorium on Monday, March 9. Miranda Marty, senior in political science and director of speakers and comedians committee said they choose Mandvi because he is relevant and they choose speakers or comedians to do a show in Auburn typically based on whether they are well-known. “One of those things where it’s someone who has a recognizable face and a somewhat recognizable name,” Marty said. The process of choosing a comedian to come to Auburn takes careful preparation, according to Marty. “Initially we start off with a list of about three or five people, speakers or comedians, who we’d like to bring to Auburn who we think would attract the biggest crowd for the money and we make initial contact with their middle man who then checks the availability, and their price range,” Marty said. Mandvi read to the audience a couple of stories from his book, “No Land’s Man,” during the show. “The book just talks about his career and I think about his family’s journey and how they immigrated to the United States,” Marty said. During the show, Mandvi answered some questions from the audience. “The fact that we put on a show every day, the fact that there is a show ready to go at 6 p.m.

PLUS program gains support from Alumni

The Auburn Alumni Association recently increased its commitment to the funding of the Provost Leadership Undergraduate Scholarship, according to Steve Inabinet, coordinator of scholarship programs at the Office of Alumni Affairs. According to Overtoun Jenda, associate provost for diversity and multicultural affairs, the PLUS program provides scholarships to promote diversity on campus.

Parking services officials explain increase in student hang tag prices

Auburn University Parking Services proposed an increase in the cost of permits for 2014-15 to make parking on campus more efficient and safer, according to Don Andrae, parking services manager.  Rob Garcia, student chair of the University Traffic and Parking committee and junior in finance, said the committee wants new parking areas on campus if parking permit prices are increased. Garcia said the price of an A-Zone permit, given primarily to faculty and staff, should be increased if the prices for student parking permits increase.  “The next major expense that Parking Services is going to have, as far as building structures and what the University master plan indicates, is that it is going to benefit A-Zone pass holders, so when it comes to increasing hang tags, it needs to increase A-Zone,” Garcia said. Andrae said for the permit year of 2011-12, the price for a proximate commuter parking pass and proximate resident parking pass was $160.