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Local musician Q&A: Bobby Rocknrolls

This week  for the Local Musician Spotlight, we talked to Nathan Coker, frontman and founder of the group known as Bobby Rock N Roll. Bobby Rock N Roll is an indie rock band formed by Coker while he attended Auburn. The band is made up of Nathan Coker on vocals and guitar, Alex Horn on bass guitar,  and Abby Anderson on drums.  “It’s really funny, the Bobby Rock N Roll thing was never meant to be me, Bobby Rock N Roll is like the spirit of rock n roll, we are Bobby Rock N Roll, it’s like Power Rangers, you can’t have Voltron without all the pieces.” Q: How long have you been involved in the Auburn/Opelika music scene? A: “Well I picked up music about six years ago, I picked up guitar when I was 19, I’m 25 now so I’ve been playing for six years but I’ve only been gigging for the last three and a half, but I’ve been putting in the time, it’s been a high priority for me. Q: If you could describe your genre, what would you say it is? A: I’m still trying to figure that out honestly, as my guitar playing has grown with my writing they style along the way has kind of changed.

My first experience with the leftist Illuminati

Here at The Plainsman we understand the jig is up, so I’ve decided to write about my first experiences with the Leftist Illuminati, so you can get a good idea about the kind of people who are running your planet. 

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