Becky Hardy | Editor-in-Chief


The Glomerata and The Circle are available

The Glomerata yearbook and The Circle literary magazine are now available with a Tiger Card or 902, 903 number across campus. Both publications will be handed out at the same locations across campus. The locations include the Haley Center Concourse, Lowder Starbucks, Mell Street transit stop and Student Center transit stop.  The publications will be available this week from 9 a.m.

Student media restructuring leads to the elimination of nine University positions

Nine student media employees were unaware of what was about to happen when they walked through the doors of the Office of Student Affairs March 19. Elizabeth Stone, communications specialist for the Office of the Vice President, and Bobby Woodard, vice president of Student Affairs, restructured the student media program and will lay off nine people from their jobs, some of whom have been working for the University for more than a decade, starting May 15.

Student saves money by using only University resources and facilities

On the fourth floor of the Ralph Brown Draughon Library, through a maze of bookshelves, nestled under an empty desk at 7 a.m. every Monday through Friday is an occupied sleeping bag. Patton Chambers, senior in physical education, is not sleeping in the library because he has a chemistry exam to study for.

Top three SGA candidates to run unopposed

The top three SGA candidates - president, vice president and treasurer - will run unopposed in the 2015 SGA elections for the first time in at least 10 years, according to Brad Smith, SGA adviser.