Editorial Board | Fall 2021


EDITORIAL | Join the Plainsman

Joining The Plainsman will provide students with more than just clips to put on an application — but if that’s what you need, you’ll get an abundance of it — it will also give you relationships that will last. 

EDITORIAL | It’s time to do better, Auburn

Auburn is performative in every sense of the word — they act only to elicit a response or reaction.That is the problem. We want to see active steps for tangible change. If not by our graduation date at least by someone's. 

EDITORIAL | Body camera footage belongs to the public

Recently, in an 8-1 decision, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that videos, recordings of 911 calls, photos, autopsy records, emails and texts are related to investigative materials and don’t have to be released to the public. This ruling infringes on the legal rights of Alabamians. 

EDITORIAL | What to know before the sexual assault town hall

Student Affairs is hosting a town hall to discuss preventing and reporting sexual assault on Sept. 22. The editorial board encourages all those who feel strongly to attend, but make sure you know the basics of reporting sexual assault first. 

EDITORIAL | Texas abortion ban sets dangerous precedent

On Sept. 1, Texas enacted the most restrictive abortion law in the nation, and all around the country women are asking the same question: What does the Texas abortion ban mean for me? This editorial is meant not only to serve as an explanation of the Texas and Alabama abortion bans, but also as a plea — Alabama, do not follow in Texas’ footsteps. 

EDITORIAL | We're in a ditch. We can get out.

Welcome back to the Loveliest Village on the Plains. To the freshmen, welcome to your new home and — perhaps to some of the sophomores as well — welcome, for the first time, to a normal college experience. Or, as close to normal as we can get at the moment.