Editorial Staff | Fall 2015


EDITORIAL: Victim blaming is not okay

Females are constantly advised not to drink too much or to go places alone, particularly after dark, because “someone might take advantage of you.” If a girl wears what could be considered revealing clothing, then automatically, “she was asking for it.” Even if a woman is wearing revealing clothing or walking alone at night, it is disturbing that in today’s times, women are often advised to take precautions that males aren’t, because if they don’t then some people believe it’s partially their fault if they become a victim of sexual assault.

EDITORIAL: Better ways to balance the budget

We understand the necessity of balancing the state budget and realize that it is not easy to make cuts. However, closing DMV offices, regardless of which county they were located in, should have never been an option. There are too many other areas in which budget cuts could’ve been made that would’ve produced a better result financially.

EDITORIAL: Overhyping leads to higher expectations

Before the season started, we hired a new defensive coordinator, Will Muschamp, and until this past Tuesday, Sept. 23, when it was announced Sean White would be the starting quarterback for this weekend’s game against Mississippi State, our starting quarterback, Jeremy Johnson, was projected to be a star.