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UPC hosts on-campus music festival

University Program Council hosted Tigerfest, a campus-wide music festival, all day Saturday, Aug. 21, featuring local and national acts across several different genres.

Plainsman’s Choice Best Professor

In the 49 years that he has been involved with journalism, Carvalho has allowed his passion to be the main driver for his work, which is something that he tries to pass onto his students.

Cater Hall effected change for Auburn women

Cater Hall initiated change in equity for women on Auburn's campus after a 1971 'sleep-in' protest challenged the University's rules on conduct and etiquette for female students.

'Still an institution of choice'

Auburn's enrollment dip is only expected to lose the University $2.5 million in tuition revenue. Kelli Shomaker, chief financial officer, said this “reaffirms that the University is still an institution of choice in Alabama and beyond.”

Choir uses new vocal performance masks

Choral students attended face-to-face class for the first time this year after the music department purchased each student a vocal performance mask, allowing them to fully move their mouths to sing.

Project uses LIDAR to map out Bloody Sunday

The McWhorter School of Building Science is creating a digital history of Bloody Sunday using Light Detection and Ranging Scanners and historical information to create models of the historical site.