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COLUMN | Weapons will not lessen sexual violence

As previously noted by others, there seemed to be a higher frequency of alerts regarding instances of sexual violence this semester on Auburn's campus or in the community, but allowing students to carry weapons will not lessen sexual violence. 

COLUMN | Gov. Ivey uses relief aid against Alabamian's needs

On Oct. 1, Gov. Ivey signed a bill that will use COVID-19 relief funds to build more prisons instead of addressing the impact the pandemic has had on our state. If Ivey were truly concerned with the status of prisons, there are better use of the funds. 

COLUMN | The new sex-ed bill is a good first step. Alabama still needs to do more.

Only a few months have passed since Gov. Kay Ivey signed into law a sex education bill recognizing elementary and complete reforms to sex education at public K-12 schools across the state of Alabama. If brought to fruition, this law would mandate that several dire changes take place across the state in many facets of sex education. This is a good first step, but Alabama still needs to do more. 

Auburn develops Raise The Bar program

While Auburn students are busy with internships and jobs, classes and game days, Shelby Flores and her team are working to create create safer spaces off-campus for students.