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A spirit that is not afraid


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COLUMN | Letter to the freshmen

As a first-year student, I often find myself searching for the old within the new. I will catch a glimpse of someone walking on campus, and for a second, they look like the class clown from fourth period history freshman year of high school. For first years, realizing our childhood is now in the past is a new, bittersweet development. 

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COLUMN | The Great Debacle

On Oct. 12, the Great Debate between three political organizations on campus, College Democrats at Auburn University, Auburn University College Republicans and Plainsmen for Liberty was held. In the end there is one thing that brings all college students together: marijuana. 


COLUMN | The new sex-ed bill is a good first step. Alabama still needs to do more.

Only a few months have passed since Gov. Kay Ivey signed into law a sex education bill recognizing elementary and complete reforms to sex education at public K-12 schools across the state of Alabama. If brought to fruition, this law would mandate that several dire changes take place across the state in many facets of sex education. This is a good first step, but Alabama still needs to do more.