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A spirit that is not afraid


The State Press

Classes tuned in for iTunes

Universities all across the county are moving to a new beat as they incorporate evolving technology into the classroom.Auburn professors can now deliver recorded lectures and other information to their students through podcasts using a new program called Authenticated AU iTunes.Students seem to like the idea of iTunes being used more in the classroom."It would be a great idea for professors to use podcasts for their lectures, because it would allow students to better understand what their professors are talking about," said Chris Hawkins, a sophomore in physical education.

The Auburn Plainsman

Tragedy accompanies PCB festivities

Panama City Beach offered more than just carefree days of lying in the sun and MTV concerts for the thousands of college students who traveled to the Emerald Coast for spring break this year.For the past two weeks, it has offered tragedy as well.

The Auburn Plainsman

Auburn turns down PACT's request for help

The Prepaid Alabama College Tuition fund program is seeking a lending hand. However, the recession has most individuals and organizations working ambidextrously.Recently, the PACT Board asked schools throughout Alabama to offer a tuition discount for students involved in the PACT program.Officials at University of South Alabama, the University of Alabama System and Auburn University declined the proposal because they are not in a stable financial position to help out.Deedie Dowdle, executive director of the Office of Communications & Marketing, said as everything stands right now, Auburn University is expecting a $39 million shortfall for the upcoming fiscal year.With this potential loss, Auburn students should expect an increase in tuition this fall.

The Auburn Plainsman

Booze cruisin' comes to halt

Think before popping a top on a beer this summer while behind the wheel of a boat.A new bill, classifying a DUI resulting in a homicide as a class C felony, the same as if the accident occurred while driving a car, is making it's way through the Alabama legislature.According to the National District Attorneys Association,, a person convicted of vehicular homicide because of a DUI can receive a sentence from one year and one day to 10 years, and a fine of up to $5,000.Rep.

The Auburn Plainsman

Hearing set for Lockhart

The Lee County judge presiding over Courtney L. Lockhart's case has scheduled a hearing for March.Lockhart, 24, of Smiths Station, was charged for the slaying of Auburn University freshman Lauren Burk of Marietta, Ga., March 4, 2008.Burk, 18, was killed by gunshot and found on Ala.