11/11/2015, 2:08pm

Column: Use the media to your advantage

This week, a video of anti-racism demonstrators angrily denouncing journalists surfaced and went viral. Photographer Tim Tai, a Missouri student freelancing for ESPN, was trying to document the happenings on campus when demonstrators and administrators used "some muscle" to prevent Tai from doing his job. "I have a job to do," Tai told protestors.

8/22/2018, 11:23am

The staff at The Auburn Plainsman have recognized it is time for the city of Auburn and the students of Auburn University to come together to form one greater Auburn community. This is a call to action, one that urges both parties in the Auburn community to participate and empathize with one another. Auburn students, it is time to register to vote, attend City Council meetings and engage in discussions with the community at large.