11/3/2016, 3:04pm

COLUMN: Why Trump should be elected

For months the Democratic National Committee has tried to quench the fire that was started by the many scandals from Hillary Clinton’s past, and just as that fire seemed to finally be going out, it was reignited by the FBI reopening the investigation into Clinton’s vast email mishap.

10/24/2016, 2:18pm


Just as midterms are ending, SGA is starting to look to the next term of office for elected leadership in the executive and representative branches.

10/4/2016, 12:08am

Underage drinking column

For many, drinking and college are a match made in underage bliss. Underage drinking runs rampant throughout the country, specifically on college campuses where access to alcohol is easy and the pressure to drink is overwhelming.

9/21/2016, 4:41pm

SGA: Register to vote

Summer has finally come to an end but the election season is entering its home stretch. The candidates are 46 days away from the election, but there is still time for everyone to have their voice heard.