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Poll of Students: What is your favorite on campus dining option?

Chicken Salad Chick: 34 votes Freshmen- 13 Sophomores- 4 Juniors- 8 Seniors- 9 Chick Fil A: 33 votes Freshmen- 17 Sophomores- 5 Juniors- 10 Seniors- 1 Wellness Kitchen: 24 votes Freshmen- 16 Sophomores- 2 Juniors- 3 Seniors- 3 Plains 2 Plate: 19 votes Freshmen- 13 Sophomores- 1 Juniors- 2 Seniors- 3 Panda Express: 10 votes Freshmen- 4 Sophomores- 3 Juniors- 3 Seniors- 0 Mediterranean Café: 9 votes Freshmen- 6 Sophomores- 0 Juniors- 1 Seniors- 2 API: 8 votes Freshmen- 5 Sophomores- 1 Juniors- 2 Seniors- 0 Food Trucks: 6 votes Freshmen- 4 Sophomores- 1 Juniors- 1 Seniors- 0 Au Bon Pain: 6 votes Freshmen- 5 Sophomores- 1 Juniors- 0 Seniors- 0 Salsarita's: 4 votes Freshmen- 1 Sophomores- 3 Juniors- 0 Seniors- 0 Einstein Bros Bagels: 4 votes Freshmen- 2 Sophomores- 1 Juniors- 1 Seniors- 0   Total Votes: 157 Total Freshmen polled: 86 Total Sophomores polled: 22 Total Juniors polled: 31 Total Seniors polled: 18   Overall Favorite Place: Chicken Salad Chick Number 2 Pick: Chick Fil A   Freshman Pick: Chick Fil A Sophomore Pick: Chick Fil A Junior Pick: Chick Fil A Senior Pick: Chicken Salad Chick   By College   College of Agriculture : 3 polled College of Architecture, Design and Construction: 1 polled College of Business: 19 polled Favorite: Wellness Kitchen College of Education: 16 polled Favorite: Chicken Salad Chick College of Engineering: 19 polled Favorite: Chick Fil A School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences: 2 polled College of Human Sciences: 8 polled College of Liberal Arts: 37 polled Favorite: Chicken Salad Chick School of Nursing: 12 polled Favorite: Plains 2 Plate College of Sciences and Mathematics: 36 polled Favorite: Tie- Wellness Kitchen and Chicken Salad Chick College of Veterinary Medicine: 0 polled University College: 4 polled   (Didn’t do favorites for colleges with less than 10 surveyed)

Auburn scientists keep their eye on hurricane

This has been a record hurricane season in the Gulf and the Atlantic. So much so that climate scientists across America have been looking into the causes of these hurricanes being so close together.

Campus Renovations

The Raymond J. Harbert College of Business and the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering are in the process of some very important campus renovations. The College of Business is building a new graduate research building, complete with a courtyard and walkway from Lowder Hall.