1/28/2010, 1:13pm

Auburn Ranks Fourth in SEC National Merit Scholarship Report

The Plains have gotten brighter in 2009 as Auburn has nearly doubled its enrollment of National Merit Scholars.Auburn now has 64 National Merit Scholars enrolled, which ranks fourth in the Southeastern Conference and 34th nationally, according to a new National Merit Scholarship Annual Report.

1/28/2010, 12:48pm

Alabama Elected Officials Hit the Textbooks

Alabama elected officials will be heading back to the classroom for mandatory ethics training because of a bill passed by a House committee.Legislators, mayors, city council members, lobbyists and county commissioners will be some of the officials required to attend the training classes.The House Judiciary Committee approved the bill presented by Rep.

1/27/2010, 10:55am

You Have The Right to Read This Article

Blue lights flashing in a drivers' rear view mirror. What action does one take? Once a driver is pulled over, a variety of steps can be taken: they can speed off, cry, flirt or start an argument. What is the best step to take when in that situation? What are our rights as drivers?