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A spirit that is not afraid


The State Press

A guide to the best desserts on campus

Sometimes you just need something sweet. It could be a reward for taking that test you studied hard for, a Friday treat or just a little bit of sugar to top off your meal. Most of the best options are in the heart of campus. Inside the Student Center, there’s the pastry hub Au Bon Pain and milkshakes at Chick-fil-A.

The Auburn Plainsman

OPINION: Class registration's unpredictability is not fair

Some of us are on multiple wait lists, while some of us are forced to take electives or classes we aren’t interested in. The question that constantly runs through my mind regarding this process, is why is there so much uncertainty with our schedules and with our graduation dates? More importantly, why is this the case when so many of us work hard and pay thousands of dollars a year to earn a degree within a certain timeframe?

The Auburn Plainsman

OPINION: Support all members of the Auburn Family

Although we are a student media group that is supported by the University, we are not here to act as it's PR. We are here to learn and become credible journalists who do their job and tell the truth. We are not here to entertain you. We are here to inform you of the news. Auburn fans should take pride in the fact that there are many groups and organizations on campus that help students reach their fullest potential in their study of interest by providing opportunities to practice and learn. They should support those students, because they are just as much of a representation of the University as any athlete.