9/15/2021, 9:00am

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | An introduction from the Office of Health Promotion & Wellness Services

The Office of Health Promotion & Wellness Services provides a brief introduction to their Safe Harbor and Green Dot programs. Safe Harbor is a free and confidential advocacy service for any students, faculty and staff who have experienced any form of power-based personal violence. Green Dot is the bystander intervention program, that trains people on how to recognize the signs of power-based personal violence. 

9/12/2021, 9:30am

EDITORIAL | Texas abortion ban sets dangerous precedent

On Sept. 1, Texas enacted the most restrictive abortion law in the nation, and all around the country women are asking the same question: What does the Texas abortion ban mean for me? This editorial is meant not only to serve as an explanation of the Texas and Alabama abortion bans, but also as a plea — Alabama, do not follow in Texas’ footsteps. 

4/15/2021, 9:30am

EDITORIAL | Auburn, you have to choose.

Auburn is dedicating two halls in The Village to Black trailblazers, Josetta Matthews and Bessie Mae Holloway, which will exist closely to Wallace Hall. The contributions of these people to the University are vastly different, and its time for Auburn to choose what kind of person they wanted represented on the buildings on campus. 

3/29/2021, 8:00am

COLUMN: Stop Asian Hate

With the rise of COVID-19 cases is a rise in Anti-Asian sentiment. During these difficult times, one of the best ways to help is understanding the diversity of cultures that fall under the term Asian, and what it means to be Asian in America. 

3/28/2021, 9:00am

EDITORIAL | Alabama, leave transgender youth alone

In early March, the Alabama State Senate passed a bill that would ban gender-affirming surgeries and treatments for transgender minors, making it a felony for medical professionals to provide them care. The bill comes at a time when there are other things Alabamians need instead of destroying children.