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A spirit that is not afraid


The Auburn Plainsman

OPINION: Bear Townsend: Leaving a legacy of love

A top hat, a coat and a small bottle of Captain. Maybe it was jeans rolled up at the pants leg showing his ankles, and rolled down at the waist to keep them on without a belt. In that case, usually shirtless, always shoeless. Quirky didn't define Bear Townsend. He defined quirky.

The Auburn Plainsman

OPINION: Win or lose, Manning's legacy is already written

When it comes to legacies for NFL quarterbacks, there's no measuring stick used more by critics than championships. Dan Marino, a hall of famer and nine-time Pro Bowl selection who holds more than seven NFL passing records, often has his stellar career accomplishments overlooked by writers and analysts, who choose instead to focus on the fact that Marino was never able to win a Super Bowl.