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The State Press

Laser Labeling May Soon Come to America

Produce distributors are beginning to abandon the application of price look up codes or "PLU" stickers, the traditional labels on fruits and vegetables, to adopt a new way of expressing information about the products in the grocery store.Instead of stickers, produce distributors will now mark fruit with lasers.Instead of using ink, this new form of labeling will imprint information on fruit by removing the fruit's pigment in the shape of the information."Anytime a new technology is introduced there are a whole set of behaviors wrapped around it, but a tool is not just introduced, it also influences how people interact with it," said Michelle R.

The State Press

Spanking may cause more than just a bruised butt

The results of a study by researchers at Auburn, Duke and Oklahoma State said being physically disciplined at a young age can lead to behavioral problems as an adolescent."Most American parents use physical discipline at some point in their parenting history, but increasingly there are concerns about long-term implications for children of parents who use physical discipline and concerns about where to draw the line between physical discipline and physical abuse," said Jennifer Lansford, study leader and associate research professor at Duke University.The researchers first began studying a sample in 1987, when the children in the study were 5 years old.

The Auburn Plainsman

Congress passes bill, $40 million for students

In an effort to make college education more affordable to students, Congress passed the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act.The bill, which will be the country's biggest federal investment in college education, will change how student loan programs operate.The bill was proposed July 15 and passed Sept.

The Auburn Plainsman

NASA Awards Auburn University $600,000 Grant

A $600,000 grant from NASA has been awarded to Auburn University's College of Sciences and Mathematics in association with the Alabama Department of Education in order to educate high school students about global climate change."The first year of the grant is for development," said Robin Nelson, Alabama Math, Science and Technology Initiative science coordinator.

"We do not, as PACT people, want to be considered a government bailout program." Dr. Robert Bentley: Morgan Thacker/ Associate Photo Editor

State officials attend Auburn meeting concerning PACT program

Countless years and thousands of dollars later, many Alabama citizens are worried the earlier efforts they made to pay for their children's college education are now worthless.Concerns about the Prepaid Affordable College Tuition program were the focus of a meeting held at the Grove Hill Subdivision Clubhouse Thursday night for the East Alabama chapter of SaveAlabamaPACT!."Job one for us as a SaveAlabamaPACT! area is to locate PACT contract holders (and make) our contracts solvent," said Terry Calcote, an East Alabama area leader. "I'm gratified that we had a full house here tonight."

Rod Guajardo/ Photo Editor

Band Marches With Record Membership

The crowd is silenced as the drum major steps onto field, walking with precision and leading the band into Jordan-Hare Stadium. This is the Auburn University Marching Band.Though it is built on tradition, the band has increased in size. The AUMB boasts its largest membership in history this fall with 380 members, beating their previous record of 372 in 2006.

The Auburn Plainsman

Testicular Cancer Linked to Marijuana Use

The results of a Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center study said using marijuana may increase a man's risk of developing testicular cancer.Researchers found that the male reproductive system produces a cannabinoid-like chemical that is thought to have a protective effect against cancer.Marijuana may disrupt the body's natural resistance to developing tumors, which could be a possible link between marijuana and testicular cancer.According to the National Cancer Institute, testicular cancer is rare and accounts for only 1 percent of cancers in men from the U.

The Auburn Plainsman

Cost of Tuition Continues Rising, Despite Recession

Even during a recession, universities still find reasons to raise tuition.This year, a semester of education at Auburn University for in-state students costs $3,462.That is a 6 percent increase from last year, and it only applies to students taking between 12 and 15 hours.Tuition and fees at private universities rose an average of 4.3 percent this year, the lowest hike in 37 years, according to The National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities.Auburn's tuition increased 3 to 4 percent less than other in-state public universities of equal caliber, said Mike Reynolds, the executive director of Student Financial Services."When tuition has to increase, it is generally because of inflation," Reynolds said.

Rod Guajardo / PHOTO EDITOR

Car catches fire in Lowder parking lot

A white Plymouth Breeze in the Lowder parking lot caught fire, according to Battalion Chief Joe Lovvorn.The fire department received a phone call that a car was on fire at 11:35 a.m. Approximately three minutes later, the fire department contained the flames in the cars engine compartment, according to the fire department officials.

The Auburn Plainsman

Sept. 11 Survivor Shares his Testimony

Sunel Merchant, a survivor of the Sept. 11 attack, shares his testimonyand appreciation for firefighters, police and all other armed forcesbecause they are the reason he is alive today.As Merchant was working on the 49th floor of the World Trade Center, hewas sharing a joke with his colleague when suddenly the laughing turnedto tears and shock instantly.

The Auburn Plainsman

'Heart of Auburn' Lost in Construction

As Auburn progresses to become a pedestrian friendly campus, some historical areas have become lost along the way.One area in particular was the "heart of Auburn."The area referred to as the "heart of Auburn" was installed in 1981 in the old Katherine Cater Cooper lawn design in the center of campus.Franklin Olmsted, who designed Central Park in New York and Riverside Park in Chicago, established the original design for the Samford Hall and Cater lawn areas."There was a perfect heart with a little lawn around it," said Paula Backscheider, an English professor that works on the ninth floor of Haley Center and could see the heart from her window.